'Cos I'm Happy

While reality checks may be confronting, knowing what's important and what should be prioritised is guaranteed to bring joy.

'Cos I'm Happy
Photo by Antonino Visalli / Unsplash

I spoke with one of the Confidential Daily subscribers yesterday, who told me my latest reality check was 'a bit of a downer'.

He was referring to the lament at the state of the world and my despair at watching our once great country slide into disrepair.

The policy choices made here are merely modern manifestations of what has failed elsewhere. My writings have repeatedly explored the debt, porous borders, selective law enforcement, disregard for standards, and erosion of culture evident in our nation.

I continue to remind people of these problems because we all need to know what is happening. Some of it might not affect you directly, but eventually, the pitfall of public policy will touch us all.

That's why I call it a reality check.

But rather than drive people to despair, my goal is to help motivate people to prepare.

You see, crisis brings opportunity, but it can only be seized by those who are ready for it.

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