Corporate DEI

The original pro-business justification has turned out to be a scam.

Corporate DEI
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash
The Bogus Study at the Heart of Corporate DEI
The McKinsey study gave corporations air cover to promote DEI programs while saying that it was simply “good for business.”


Discrimination Bill An Attack On Queenslanders’ Free Speech
“The Queensland government’s proposed anti-discrimination reforms represent a draconian attack on free speech that may prevent faith-based schools from teaching their beliefs and provide activists with power to censor debate,” said Margaret Chambers, Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.
Fatima Payman’s decision to quit Labor party will ‘empower opponents on far right’, Wayne Swan says
Government MPs express disappointment over WA senator’s decision as Greens and crossbench praise move


Threat Map Shows Hezbollah’s Drone Ranges As Conflict Area Spillover Risks Rise
″ ... given the size of these arsenals, the drones’ maneuverability, payloads, accuracy, and range, and Hezbollah’s domestic manufacturing capability.”
How China is using Silicon Valley
think again
Bottomless Pit: Ukraine Gifted Another $2.3 Billion of U.S. Taxpayer Cash.
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin indicated Tuesday that the United States will send over an additional $2.3 billion in military aid for Ukraine. The

Business, Finance & Investment

The Aussie economy and society is bifurcating with the housing crisis
Australian governments at all levels are not known for thinking beyond the electoral cycle. Take the fact that Australia took on 540,000 immigrants last year, whilst births exceeded deaths by 110,000. Hence an additional 650,000 Australians, or 2.5 per cent of our population, at a time when our country is going through an unprecedented housing… Continue reading →
Victorian councils to be consulted on 2m new homes by 2050s
The Victorian government will look to incorporate the local knowledge of its councils in fulfilling the state’s lofty future housing goals.


Transgender Runner Qualifies for U.S. Olympic Team
“This is bigger than just me. It’s the last day of pride month. ... I wanted to run this one for my community,” Nikki Hiltz said.
5 Ways Nuclear Can Power The Future
As global electricity demand rises, nuclear power stands out as a leading solution to help ensure a stable and low-carbon energy future.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
CryptoQuant: BTC Miner Capitulation May Signal Bottom
Marathon Digital retains all its Bitcoin amid downturn, doing well financially, contrasting with other miners who struggle, which could indicate a market bottom.


The Elementary Morality of Civilization
Note: From the 19th through to the mid-20th century, educational institutions — from elementary schools to colleges — sought to not only develop students’ academic abilities, but to cultivate, as one textbook from 1849 put it, their “virtuous and noble sentiments.” In 1916, the Character Education Institution, a kind of think-tank for research on moral […]

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