Conservative Heresy

It's time to call out the 'principled conservatives' who helped deliver the mess the West is in while offering solutions to the crisis only when out of office.

Conservative Heresy

What I am about to say will sound like heresy to many idealistic conservatives. 

But I feel it has to be said because truth is the first step to solving problems, no matter how inconvenient. 

But words, whether they are true or not, are just noise. The real problem solving takes action - and that’s where the conservative heresy begins. 

Last week, a well-meaning conference in London was organised by the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship.

That’s a new group with “ a vision for a better world where every citizen can prosper, contribute and flourish.”

They are inviting people to join them

“in developing a better narrative in response to life’s most fundamental social, economic, philosophical and cultural questions. We reject the inevitability of decline and instead are seeking solutions which draw on humanity’s highest virtues and extraordinary capacity for innovation and ingenuity.”

They’ve tapped into a rich vein of concern because their first conference was sold out. 

I’m sympathetic to their cause. They support the moral, cultural, economic and spiritual foundations that built Western civilisation. 

The ARC is the brainchild of Psychologist Jordan Peterson. He’s joined by various global luminaries, including Australians like John Howard, John Anderson and Tony Abbott.

I admire them all for lending their name to supporting the goals of the Alliance.

But having followed the conference and the speeches, it became just another festival of undeserved self-congratulations from a bunch of current and former politicians. 

You could summarise the overall theme as ‘let’s try quoting Reagan or some other legendary conservative, and publicly reconstruct our respective times in office to look like we tried’.

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