Confidence in Ruler

A nation cannot exist without confidence in its ruler.

Confidence in Ruler
Photo by Ashkan Forouzani / Unsplash
Confidence in Ruler: Words of Wisdom from Confucius
“Tsekung asked about government, and Confucius replied: ‘People must have sufficient to eat; there must be a sufficient army; and there must be sufficient confidence of the people in the ruler.’ ’If you are forced to give up one of these three


Australia is in danger of tearing itself apart | The Spectator Australia
In her new book, Liz Truss says she likes Australia and Australians. The country is, she says, ‘like Britain without the hand-wringing and declinism’. But had Truss cared to scratch beneath the…
Mineral sands mine sparks land use battle in northern Victoria
Farmers raise concerns about consultation practices, radiation and the contamination of their crops at a hearing into VHM’s proposed Goschen mineral sands and rare earths mine.


One Killed in Explosion at Iraqi Base | The Libertarian Institute
One Iraqi militia fighter was killed and eight others injured after a large explosion rocked a military base south of Baghdad, Iraqi officials said.
‘No consensus’ in West on seizing Russian assets – WaPo
EU officials are reluctant to seize frozen Russian assets despite US pressure as they fear retaliation from Moscow, the WaPo reports

Business, Finance & Investment

Investing In Private AI Companies Without Connections Or Big Money
I recently caught up with Ben Miller, CEO of Fundrise in person, about the Innovation Fund’s latest investments in private AI (artificial intelligence) companies. Since launching the open-ended venture capital fund in 2H 2022, the Innovation Fund has made a series of promising AI investments that I was eager to learn more about, but unable
Fed says 1,804 banks and other institutions tapped emergency lending facility
About 95% of the borrowers, which included banks, credit unions, savings associations, and branches and agencies of foreign banks, had less than $10 billion in assets, the U.S. central bank said in its semi-annual Financial Stability Report. The Bank Term Funding Program, as it was called, was aimed at addressing a liquidity crunch after a run on deposits led to the failures of SVB and Signature Bank and forced financial authorities to stage a rescue of the sector.


AI and the Erosion of Human Worth
The release of Google’s Gemini A.I. image-generator a few weeks ago raised quite a bit of both amusement and disgust. Among other things, in obedience to its woke creators, it dutifully remade Western history as the creation of non-w…
Bill Maher Calls Out Hollywood Pedophilia And The Gay Agenda In Schools
Bill Maher Calls Out Hollywood Pedophilia And The Gay Agenda In Schools. By Tyler Durden. Bill Maher is, if anything, clever about his timing like most comedians. His rebellion against the woke mob…
Ultra Woke Google Claims Company Is Not Place to ‘Debate Politics’ After Firing Anti-Israel Radicals
Google CEO Sundar Pichai has taken a comical stance against using the ultra woke company’s offices for political debates and protests after terminating 28 employees who participated in anti-Israel sit-ins at various Google locations.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Peaking Dollar To Bring Strength Back to Bitcoin (BTC), According to Glassnode Founders - The Daily Hodl
The waning strength of the US dollar index (DYX) may be a catalyst for a renewed bull market for Bitcoin (BTC), according to Glassnode founders Jan Happel and Yann Allemann.


Speaker Mike Johnson Rips Democrats For Flying Ukraine Flags On House Floor | The Daily Wire
House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) slammed Democrats Saturday afternoon for flying Ukraine flags on the House floor following a vote to send military aid to the European country. Johnson faced pushback from some Republicans in the House who wanted him to hold votes on foreign aid spending until more funding for border security measures was…

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