Communism still holds 1.5 billion people captive across the world. Here's your daily news digest for 26 June 2023.

Photo by Moises Gonzalez / Unsplash
Teaching the Truth About Communism - The American Conservative
For students today, the fall of the Berlin Wall is ancient history, if they know about it at all.


Western Australia Hardest Hit By Worker Shortages
“Job number one for Premier Cook is to fix Western Australia’s worst-in-the-nation worker shortage levels, which is stifling business performance and punishing customers,” said Saxon Davidson, Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.
The Voice
Trusted and independent source of local, national and world news. In-depth analysis, business, sport, weather and more.
Russian diplomat squats near Australia parliament in embassy lease row
Australia has withdrawn the lease on the site for a new embassy near the parliament for fear of spying.


Wagner agrees to end ‘insurrection’ – Lukashenko
Evgeny Prigozhin reportedly agreed to stop his march on Moscow following talks with the Belarusian president
Train Carrying Hazardous Material Plunges into Yellowstone River - Mysterious Liquid Seen Leaking
An Associated Press reporter witnessed a yellow liquid pouring out of tank cars in the bridge collapse in Montana.
Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Chased out of 13 Homes in 2 Months as Pressure Rises on Legal Advocates
TAIPEI, Taiwan—A disbarred Chinese human rights lawyer has been forced to move 13 times in two months as…

Business, Finance & Investment

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD can outperform at the end of Fed tightening cycle – OCBC
Economists at OCBC Bank maintain a constructive outlook on Gold prices. Risk of another 1-2 more Fed rate hikes can dim the appeal of Gold in the near
Explaining The ‘Life Goes On’ Home-Buying Cycle
Why the heck are home prices not going down more with mortgage rates so high? In many parts of the country, home prices are actually going up! The answer to this conundrum is partly due to the ‘life goes on’ home-buying cycle. Many folks put their lives on hold for one-to-three years during the pand…


Crybullies and Beyond: Four Additional Ways the Left Resembles Nazis
As the far left keeps on pushing perversion month, these are four more ways that suggest they are acting like a National Socialist party. Question: How do you make sure the solemn promise made to the survivors and the memory of the Holoc…
Hunter Biden and the corruption of the liberal media
The Hunter affair has exposed the bias, hypocrisy and intolerance of the modern media elites.
Trump: ‘We Will Defeat Radical Democrat Policy of Late Term Abortion’
Former President Donald Trump aims to bring an end to “the Radical Democrat policy of extreme late term abortion,” if elected.

Crypto & Blockchain

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United Nations Proposes Digital ID System Tied to Bank Accounts and Mobile Payment Platforms - The Daily Hodl
The United Nations is proposing a universal digital ID system that would directly connect to people’s bank accounts and payment apps.
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Orbiting 30716 Technicals - 25 June 2023
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) continued to trade sideways early in the Asian session as the pair orbited the 30716.30 area, representing the 38.2% retracement of the appreciating ran


‘Performative Progressivism’: Starbucks Union Strikes Alleging Company ‘Tokenizes Queer And Trans Workers’ | National Review
“A company that ‘cares’ about queer & trans workers doesn’t intimidate & threaten them,” the union further said.

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