Commitment to Free Speech

One’s commitment to the foundational ideals of Western, liberal society is most revealing in tested times.

Commitment to Free Speech
Photo by Erol Ahmed / Unsplash
The True Test of One’s Commitment to Free Speech ⋆ Brownstone Institute
Moral emergencies are the times when our principles are most vulnerable to negotiation and even complete collapse.


‘I knew it was doomed’: What are the lessons learnt for the Yes campaign?
“Where to now” is a universal question being asked in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the country in the wake of the failed Voice referendum. And there’s another question that often runs alongside it: “What went wrong?”
Justice for Australian victims of child sexual abuse is being blocked by a legal tactic – and it must stop | Matt Barker
Permanent stays are supposed to be used only in ‘exceptional’ circumstances but are being used regularly by institutions to defend historical abuse claims


The Saudi World Cup is a new low for Fifa | The Spectator Australia
Fifa, world football’s governing body, is an organisation that is devoid of anything resembling a moral compass. In its place, the organisation chases money. That is why it comes as no great surprise…
Melting Down America - The American Conservative
The Left wants to hurl all our history down a memory hole and turn that hole into a latrine.
In Israel, the Mirage of Normalization
On October 7, 2023, a pogrom occurred in Israel, incompatible with the idea of forming a Jewish state designed to protect Jews from pogroms. This tragedy, however, was nothing new from the point of view of the Jewish state’s neighbors. On A…

Business, Finance & Investment

Asia’s share of Russia’s foreign trade hits 70%
Russia’s trade with Asian nations has been booming amid Western sanctions on Moscow, official statistics show
The Money Has Stopped Flowing in Commercial Real Estate
The decline in construction loans has been particularly severe as lenders continue to cut back.


Biden Admin Hits GCU, Nation’s Largest Christian University, with Unprecedented Fine
The fine is the largest ever of its kind by the Department of Education against a university or place of higher education.
Has Peak Woke Passed? Hollywood is making fun of it
Has Peak Woke Passed? Hollywood is making fun of it. In a pleasant change from endless retreads and superhero movies, Hollywood has dared to make something interesting. It’s making fun of wok…
War in the Disinformation Age | The Libertarian Institute
Public ignorance, disinformation, and propaganda have impacted society for all of history. People once thought the problem was lack of access to information—something now disproven in the internet age. Though government and media controlled narratives (often deliberate lies) have always made knowing…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Has Bitcoin (BTC) reached the top for now?
With a 28% surge in October many are expecting bitcoin to continue on higher. Alternatively, is this time for bitcoin to retrace to $30,000?


The Great ‘Green Energy Transition’ That Wasn’t
There is no “global energy transition” going on. If there is one, it’s away from green energy, not toward it.

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