Clowns can be Dangerous

Money places blinkers over many eyes but we can never allow the flow of communist cash to stop us telling the truth about the Chinese government.

Clowns can be Dangerous

You may never have heard of Jack Ma.

He's a Chinese Billionaire who has mysteriously disappeared after criticising the Chinese Communist regime in a speech a couple of months ago.

Individuals with a $62 billion net worth and their fingers in many different business pies generally don't just suddenly vanish from the public eye, particularly when they have their own reality television program.

It's all raised serious questions about whether the 56-year-old Mr Ma has been taken off for 're-education' by the communist authorities.

It's no coincidence that the CCP also announced an investigation into Mr Ma's companies shortly after his critical speech, and he's not the first high-profile Chinese citizen to 'disappear'.

In March, a property tycoon called President Xi Jinping a 'clown' also went missing. He was later sentenced to 18 years in prison for 'voluntarily confessing' to crimes of corruption.

Clearly, any link between criticising the government and going to jail or banishment is coincidental...and if you believe that, then you'll believe anything.

The Chinese Government is no different to the communists that have come before. It isn't 'just another political system' as some will have you believe.

Communism is tyranny.

It's been easy for many to forget that as the Soviet states collapsed and the Chinese crony capitalism made many people rich.

Money places blinkers on many eyes, and the world chose not to see the shameful conduct of the Chinese government for what it was - a ruthless dictatorship.

That's starting to change now, but is it too late?

China senses weakness in the American administration under Joe Biden, whose family links to Chinese government money leave him incredibly compromised. They also know that no other nation on earth is capable of standing up to them militarily.

Similarly, there are few countries with the ability to wean themselves off of Chinese consumption or supply lines. That's the situation Australia finds itself in. We are being punished through trade barriers to crush our spirit and economy, to force us into compliance.

The Chinese have been playing the long game while we in the West have been blissfully nestled in the blanket of dollars they have sent our way.

Now that those dollars have mostly stopped, it's going to be a freezing winter ahead.

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