Chaos is on the Agenda

It's not climate or the eclipse that should awaken the doomsday scenarios. Instead, it's the deliberate actions of our politicians that pose the greatest threat.

Chaos is on the Agenda
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

The doomsday cultists are out in force using the impending solar eclipse and the start of the CERN large hadron collider as portents of the apocalypse.

For those interested, the total solar eclipse is set for April 8 and will be seen across the United States.

Australians will have to wait until September 2025 (if the world lasts that long) to glimpse a lunar eclipse in our part of the world.

The large hadron collider sets high-energy particle beams travelling in opposite directions near the speed of light. The beams are then engineered to collide, unleashing insights into the matter making up the universe.

Coincidently, it is set to fire up in a quest to make 'dark matter' on the same day as the solar eclipse.

That's got plenty of people talking about doomsday planning in social media circles.

I don't think we should place too much importance on either event, but plenty is going on in the world that we should be worried about.

The prospect of a global war seems closer than ever.

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