Central Banks Are On Edge

The bailout of central banks has begun, but there are real risks to the global financial system. It was all very predictable, but no one wants to take responsibility for the failures.

Central Banks Are On Edge
Photo by Etienne Martin / Unsplash

I kicked off this website three years ago with a warning that the bond market would create the greatest loss of wealth in history.

It was an easy call after decades of declining interest rates that delivered the insanity of negative rates for institutional investors. This effectively guaranteed a capital loss on buying government bonds.

Just like the negative oil prices (yes, they would pay you to take oil) of April 2020, this was one of the easiest investments to profit from. In the case of bonds, you sold them on the expectation rates would move higher. In the case of oil, you bought it expecting prices to go up.

Both proved incredibly lucrative for those who got on the trade.

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