Cause of Death

We have allowed this long-lasting drug pandemic to continue.

Cause of Death
Photo by Nadir sYzYgY / Unsplash
Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death ⋆ Brownstone Institute
Overtreatment with drugs kills many people, and the death rate is increasing. It is therefore strange that we have allowed this long-lasting drug pandemic to continue, and even more so because most of the drug deaths are easily preventable.


What constitutes a terrorist attack? And what is Australia’s current terror threat level?
Authorities investigating a stabbing incident at a Sydney church explain why it is being treated as an alleged terrorist attack, while Saturday’s stabbing rampage at Bondi Junction was not.
The Albanese government is our biggest national security threat | The Spectator Australia
The bold display of Iranian military drones over the holy city of Jerusalem symbolises the weakness of the Albanese government. Following Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s weak stance on terrorism…


Hamas Wants The Land of Israel, But It Also Wants Much More Than That
As I write this, more than one hundred, (mostly Israeli) Jews are still being held hostage. They have been imprisoned and are tortured 24/7. They are deprived of food; the males are beaten just for fun, and the girls, women, and boys are raped. We…
How woke leftists became cheerleaders for Iran
We can now see the anti-Israel bigotry behind their phoney pacifism.
Macron’s stance on Russia gives officials ‘unease’ – Bloomberg
French government insiders have told Bloomberg that some security officials are worried about the president’s approach to Russia

Business, Finance & Investment

Yuan Weakens After ‘Unbalanced’ Chinese Economy Sees GDP Beat In Q1 But Domestic Consumption, Production Disappoint
...Chinese spending appetite is slow to return as overseas demand supports manufacturing enough to offset US trade sanctions…
Retail sales jumped 0.7% in March, much higher than expected
Retail sales increased 0.7% for the month, considerably faster than the Dow Jones consensus forecast for a 0.3% increase.


Denver’s Neighbors Rebel against Open-Arms Approach to Migrants: ‘We Do Not Want That’ | National Review
Douglas County filed a lawsuit against the state Monday, alleging that two recently passed laws barring cooperation with ICE violate the Constitution.
Protesters Block Roadways Across The Country
Pro-Palestine protesters are out of control. We were warned this was going to happen, but still. It’s absurd that these people have caused as much chaos […]
Congress Summons WEF-Affiliated Media Alliance Co-Founder Over Demonetization Scandal
Under Congressional scrutiny, GARM co-founder Robert Rakowitz is summoned to explain alleged antitrust activities and the targeted exclusion of conservative media from advertising revenue.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Breaking: Hong Kong Approves Ethereum and Bitcoin ETFs
Hong Kong approves initial Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, aiming to become a crypto hub despite mainland China’s ban.
Bitcoin is finished? Think again
Bitcoin is perceived as a risk asset, and therefore with nations on the brink of war, a sell-off of bitcoin could be set to continue. That said, there is nothing like bitcoin which is outside of the monetary system and unable to be controlled by governments. Bitcoin is the freedom asset.


Woman Involved In Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Shooting Sentenced | The Daily Wire
Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was sentenced to 18 months in prison following Alec Baldwin‘s “Rust” shooting in New Mexico in 2021 that left cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dead. On Monday, the 26-year-old armorer got emotional before she learned her fate when New Mexico Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer handed down the maximum sentence possible, the New York Post reported.…

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