Catholics Split Over Voice

The Voice to Parliament has “unknowns” of which “no assurances” can be made by people from the Yes campaign.

Catholics Split Over Voice
Photo by James Coleman / Unsplash

It seems every outfit, from sporting and business organisations through to religious and charitable groups, are supporting the push to enshrine racism in our constitution.

In the absence of so much detail, one can only presume they are doing so to curry favour with the government or to ensure access to the rivers of taxpayer money many of them depend on.

One of those groups is the Catholic Church, where the Catholic Bishop’s conference recently stated the voice “could be a significant step towards a more just and equitable Australia.”

I’d add it could also be a step toward a less just and more divided nation.

The Bishop’s support is far from unanimous though with one Bishop being quoted as saying:

“Whenever the Church marries the spirit of the age, she will be a widow in the next.”

A recent article even suggested that one of the greatest Popes in recent  church history,  Pope John Paul 2 would not have supported the voice.

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