Cash Does the COVID Talking

If you want to know the motivation for actions, the best idea is to follow the money.

Cash Does the COVID Talking
Photo by Michal Matlon / Unsplash

Y0u know the propagandists are at work when you see government advertising.

I know every government dresses their political messaging up as community information but the implications of these big budget advertising buys are much broader than that.

Let me explain.

I was viewing a news website recently when I saw an ad showing what percentage of the people in a particular state had received the experimental COVID vaccines.

It was clearly designed to make those who choose not to undergo this medical procedure feel intimidated and marginalised.

That's a classic ruse of oppressors. Make dissenters feel they are a tiny fringe.

We see that on their ABC all the time.

When they dare have a lukewarm 'conservative' on their shows, they are outnumbered by avid leftists. Despite the sacrificial lamb winning the debate, the optics are of a fringe dweller, isolated from mainstream society.

That's what we are seeing with the COVID propaganda. It is a closed shop where truth tellers are condemned as heretics.

Now we know the official belief is that COVID is the greatest threat to humanity we have encountered. We also know that, despite the evidence, officially the vaccines are 'safe and effective'.

The third known is that governments across the country have spent billions promulgating their messages through every channel possible.

That means many billions have flowed into the coffers of the media, big tech and medical companies promoting that message.

A realist would conclude that the flow of taxpayer cash may affect the 'approach' those profiting from it take toward their funder's cause.

A cynic may refer to it as being bought off.

We have seen that in so many areas of research and science that there is very little to rely on anymore.

This 'advocacy research' is most prolific in the political, medical and global warming spaces.

For those that say it doesn't happen, let me remind you of the tobacco company funded scientists who maintained smoking was neither dangerous or addictive.

In any event, the rule of thumb is to follow the money.

When the money flows from government, then the propaganda begins.

That's why you won't read about the COVID vaccine side effects in the mainstream media. The heart problems, the blood clots, the irregular bleeding, the stillbirths, the paralysis and so forth.

They won't tell you that all cause mortality is inexplicably higher in high vaccination countries.

The reason they won't is because they are profiting from government advertising and subsidies.

Our doctors have been compromised via threat of sanction. Our hospitals are profiting and our media are the beneficiaries of the government advertising spend.

Almost everyone is on the COVID gravy train and they don't want to have the flow of government cash to stop.

Little wonder it's so hard to get to the truth.

But perhaps the most telling example of how disturbed the system is was with the government's announcement yesterday of funding an mRNA vaccine facility in Australia.

This is the same government that won't support a traditional Australian made vaccine trial (COVAX19) but is now happy to spend a billion or more developing these experimental gene tampering jabs.

To me, that's the clearest indication that the fix is in and there is something very wrong with what is going on in this country.

Like all great swindles of times past, the greatest identifier is to follow the money.

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