Career Advice

If a young person asked you for career advice today what would you tell them?

Career Advice

Get a good education, start your own business, do something you love? Well that may have been the advice of yesteryear but it counts for nothing now.

Starting your own business is hard work and fraught with risk. Government piles up the impediments to success and then a simple slip of the tongue or some non-compliance with the demands of the PC tyrants can see your venture cancelled.

Even if you love what you do, you still have to make a buck because the cost of living, thanks to the crazy regulations we have in this country, is soaring.

And what about a good education? Well, if you are talking about gaining knowledge or valuable skills it is proving harder and harder to find.  Not that you’ll be guaranteed a decent job even if you succeed.

Today if you want a lucrative and reliable career, you can toss out all that old-fashioned bunkum and go get yourself a degree in sociology, gender studies or white privilege.

The best thing about it is you only need the lowest achievable ATAR for any sentient human being – about 60 to get in. And when you have finished your degree in non-normative sexualities or some similarly useless pursuit, it is the passport to a gig in the public service.

The public service is now the only place that offers job security, job flexibility and insane salaries with almost no accountability.

I mean what’s not to love about that? Well plenty if you actually work outside of this sheltered workshop.

Our top tier public servants earn double what the Prime Minister does with layer upon layer  of underlings on salaries exceeding generous ministerial pay packets.

They get taxpayer funded travel in business class, more generous superannuation than the rest of us, flexible work hours and it’s almost impossible to get the sack.

And that’s not just at the Federal level. It can be an even better gig in the states and this is a business that keeps on growing.

Take Victoria for instance. The public sector wage bill has risen by 40% between 2013 and 2018. That’s four times the rate of population growth.

And its scheduled to go up by another 9.6% next year alone!

The canny left leaning politician also knows it’s also a way to grow your entrenched voter base in this highly unionised workforce at taxpayer expense.

It’s much the same around the rest of the country…doesn’t matter if its Labor or Liberal governments.

In South Australia, something like 1 in every 7 people employed are part of the public sector. They are the people the rest of the workers and small business owners pay to do whatever it is they do all day.

Now think about this.

In 2020, public sector salaries in NSW alone amounted to more than $47 billion . In Victoria it was $38 billion, $34 billion in QLD, $17 billion in WA and nearly $12 billion in SA.

All up, $174 billion dollars was spent to employ more than 2m public servants in a single year.

After excluding the public servants themselves, there are only around 7 million people in full time employment in the country.

That means every full time private sector worker  is chipping in nearly $25,000 in taxes, every year just to cover the public sector wages.

That doesn’t include the office rents or myriad other expenses.

It’s a joke….although it is far from funny.

You want to know why business life is tough or why the cost of living is so high.

It’s because you are working to pay the people whose job it is to add layers of regulation and crazy ineffective programs to every aspect of your life.

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