Canada's Slippery Slope

Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying laws are becoming closer to a eugenics and depopulation agenda, where only the productive are allowed to survive.

Canada's Slippery Slope
Photo by Jason Hafso / Unsplash

Few topics bring out contested ideas like euthanasia does.

One side believes it's a human being's right to choose how their life ends, particularly when facing a protracted debilitating or painful illness.

The other argument contends that the State legislating it's ok to kill another human being is fraught with ethical questions.

I admit to being in the latter camp. Not because I don't support the right of individual autonomy but because I don't trust the State to remain within ethical boundaries.

An understanding of history and human nature forms that view. Once one ethical threshold is crossed, another always beckons.

While euthanasia is now legal in most parts of Australia, we haven't seen too much of the slippery slope in action - yet.

The same can't be said for Canada under the stewardship of the son of Castro. (The photo below might help you understand why I call Justin Trudeau that.)

There's not just a policy similarity.

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