Can We Question Identification?

The days of simply accepting claims of identity must come to an end. That will happen when we stop giving preference on racial grounds rather than merit.

Can We Question Identification?
Photo by Joey Csunyo / Unsplash

There was a fascinating development in the story of Brittany Higgins this week. It had nothing to do with her claims of assault but was noteworthy just the same.

It was revealed by the Daily Mail that Higgins now claims to be Aboriginal.

Daily Mail Headline

The reveal arose from a job arranged for Higgins as a media advisor for the First People's Assembly of Victoria.

The claim would suggest that those working at the organisation must identify as Aboriginal.

If that's true, it is another example of the endemic racism that's already shaping a two-tiered society in Australia.

If the Voice referendum succeeds, then this race divide will only get worse.

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