Can Our Navy Say No?

A US request for Australian Naval support in the Middle-East is a tough call. We can't abandon our greatest ally but we shouldn't be part of their political folly either.

Can Our Navy Say No?

It's happening as predicted.

The Australian Defence Forces have been asked to assist in the Middle East.

The request for an Australian Navy warship came from the United States, who wanted assistance in protecting shipping lanes in the Red Sea.

While the request is under consideration by the Albanese government, I cannot imagine a circumstance where it would be denied.

To do so would be to turn our back on our most important military ally.

However, that doesn't mean it's a good move.

Sending a warship to the Middle East would be sending our troops into a 'hot' war zone. It would mark a significant escalation in our engagement in the area and could potentially make matters worse.

I seriously question the wisdom of Australia joining an undeclared war involving Iran-backed militia groups at the request of a US administration that appears to be looking for conflict.

Most people question why any country would want more rather than less conflict.

My answer is money and diverted attention.

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