Bumbling Biden Bringing Mob Rule

The weakness of President Joe Biden is empowering mob rule and international unrest.

Bumbling Biden Bringing Mob Rule

In the United States, the President, bumbling Joe Biden is struggling to read his cue cards and teleprompter.

It prompted one media wag to suggest it might be easier for everyone if they just turned the prompter around to let the people read it for themselves.

There’s no doubt  in my mind that Biden isn’t well and simply isn’t in charge of his own administration.

Someone is pulling the strings and it’s got a lot of people worried…because the Biden administrations’ weakness is impacting global events.

Democrats are worried too – not about Biden or global events, but about the relentless pursuit of election transparency.

In Arizona, a state that unexpectedly went to the Biden campaign in the 2020 Presidential election, the state legislature has initiated an audit of results in Maricopa county.

This has been fiercely resisted by Democrats. They have sent legions of lawyers to prevent the hand recount of 2.1 m ballots happening.

Other officials are refusing to provide passwords and access to routers while witnesses are testifying that a private company rather than election workers, was scanning ballots offsite

It begs the question, What are they afraid an audit will find?

That, and other political decisions has prompted 120 retired generals, admirals and military officers to sign a letter stating

“We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776. The conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty,”

They identified election integrity, energy security, Chinese appeasement and Iran (a state sponsor of terror) as other causes for concern.

These freedom lovers can see what is going on but it isn’t just in the United States where people are waking up.

In France, open letters by 20 retired French Generals and another by serving soldiers have been circulated warning of a ‘civil war’ unless the growing threat of Islamism, delinquency and violence are addressed.

The were seeking ‘protection of our civilizational values’ in the face of weak leadership by the French leftist President Macron.

Jumping to the Middle-East, the only democracy there, Israel, has come under fire…literally

Hamas fired over 150 rockets into Israel from Gaza in a 24 hour period.  Israel defended itself using it’s Iron Dome interception system

But in the eyes of the Jew hating mob, including anti-semite of the year, Ilhan Ohmar,  who was actually elected to the US congress, defending your country from terror attacks is now deemed to be an act of terror.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Named 2019 Anti-Semite of the Year
After two rounds of voting, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) was declared the 2019 Anti-Semite of the Year by the organization StopAntisemitism.org, a non-profit group that “works to hold anti-Semites accountable.”

At least someone in Congress had the courage to fire back….on twitter of course.

In Australia, we have our very own Hamas rocket man supporters. Did any of our politicians dare call her out like in the States?

Leftist Cultural Appropriation?

It’s also being lost that there is a growing civil war taking place in a number of mixed Jewish- Arab cities across Israel – most notably in Lod, where the mayor reports Arabs are firing automatic weapons at police, synagogues being set alight and Jewish residents are being evacuated.

Unrest and lawlessness is taking place all over the world.

Democracy and the rule of law is being traduced by mob rule, cancel culture and gangs of thugs empowered by the leftist agenda.

In times past, the United States has set the standard for the free world. Under  the hopelessly compromised President Joe Biden it’s doing so once again, only this time it is fuelling the enemies of freedom and democracy.

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