Building Your Moat

In a nation seemingly divided by its finances, the wisdom of building a financial moat is lost on many who have yet to experience hardship.

Building Your Moat
Photo by Jack B / Unsplash

I have to admit it is a struggle to understand the state of the Australian economy.

Some people are doing well, some are doing it tough, and some seem to have zero care about tomorrow.

It's the latter group that I can't understand.

My Sydney-based son tells me the restaurants and pubs are packed. He tried to book a table for a Birthday dinner in one and was told the only sitting available was 10.30 pm!

I'm more likely to be asleep then rather than heading out to dinner!

It's much the same at the local pubs. They are packed as people jostle to purchase a 30-minute pint.

I call them that because it takes around a half-hour of work at the minimum wage to earn enough to buy a pub pint these days.

It's the same at the big sporting events.

Stadiums are packed as people pay top dollar to be distracted from their daily cares.

In some respects, it reminds me of ancient Rome's 'bread and circuses'.

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