Bold Policy Reforms Needed

The Federal election campaign needs bold policy reforms to get our country moving again.

Bold Policy Reforms Needed

You fed up with the election yet?

I’m not quite there yet but the lack of innovative policy initiatives is already making it a bit ho hum.

Even Albo’s laughable lack of knowledge of the most basic facts is barely engaging.

I did think he made a bit of a blunder though when he chose to cite the Taylor Swift song “Shake it Off”  as a means of moving on.

Rather than the song title he should have used the first couple of lines as they might have been more appropriate:

“I stay out too late, Got nothing in my brain”

You’d think after 26 years in parliament there wouldn’t be much more to learn about the Leader of the Opposition.

But that’s not the case. Skeletons continue to be unearthed from the political crypt.

Take his claim to have been an ‘economic adviser to the Hawke government’.

You’ll need to take that with a grain of salt as Sky News’ very own Sharri Markson unearthed yesterday.

It turns out he was employed as a research officer in the office of hard-left junior minister Tom Uren.

There the “young Trot” as he was known was busy opposing the things that made Australia the competitive nation it was for so many decades.

By the way, a ‘trot’ is short for a follower of communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky. He developed his own version of Marxism known as Trotskyism.

I love the way the commies have such big egos that they name everything after themselves. Anyway, all versions of communism are poison to the human spirit no matter what label they have.

I can assure you it’s not the sort of ideology we need from our alternative Prime Minister.

But let’s not gild the lily. No matter how bland it may be to some, the state of the Australian economy is critical to our future prosperity.

That’s why we need political leaders who understand how it works and why we are better off when government interferes less.

I know that’s a radical idea but here’s a great example of how fewer government imposed regulations would help all of us.

It’s not actually my idea but it's a good one and has been supported by Aussie business titan and patriot Gina Rinehart.

It is to encourage more pensioners and retired workers back into the workforce.

Right now, doing that can result in a punitive tax rate of more than 60%.

That’s just silly.

We have a worker shortage. Some of our seniors have enormous experience and knowledge and could easily fill some jobs available.

Industry would benefit from the knowledge base. The economy would benefit from the extra production and government would benefit from whatever tax they pay.

Let them keep their pension too. Just make them pay marginal tax rates on what they earn above that.

In places like New Zealand, where they have made similar changes around 25% of pensioners work. Here it’s just 3%

One estimate is that if a married pensioners earned 80K per year, the tax paid would cover the cost of their pension.

We’ve got a worker problem in this country. Too many people don’t want to work – we’ve made it too easy for the bludgers to sit back and live off the toil of others.

But we’re also discouraging those retirees who are willing and able to work in order to supplement their pension payments, from doing their thing.

That’s not good enough and it’s the type of policy reform this country desperately needs.

It’d be a forward looking policy that would be welcomed by the broader Australian community and it would give some real reform credentials to what is shaping up to be a fairly lacklustre campaign agenda.

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