Blurred Lines

Links between numerous journalists in the Gaza Strip and terror organizations have been exposed.

Blurred Lines
Photo by Roma Kaiuk🇺🇦 / Unsplash
Pro-Hamas ‘Journalists’ Blur the Line between Coverage and Propaganda | National Review
Since the October 7 massacre, links between numerous journalists in the Gaza Strip and terror organizations have been exposed.


Do we want Australia’s economy to become more self-sufficient?
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says we must think differently about the role of government, when strategic competition has become a fact of life. But what role should government play in our future economic development?
Bruce Lehrmann and Brittany Higgins saga: the night that spawned more than a dozen legal cases
A judge is set to hand down his verdict in Lehrmann’s defamation case against Network Ten and Lisa Wilkinson. Here are all the other connected cases


Iran says no more attacks, as drone strike fails | The Spectator Australia
Not a single drone or cruise missile sent from Iran made it to Israel last night. The combined air forces of Israel, the UK, US, Saudi and Jordan were effective in stopping every one.
European Union: Testing Election Ahead
A system is in crisis when it is hit by what in medical terms would be described as three “conditions”. The first is a growing loss of public trust in the system as a whole. The second “condition” is the sluggish state of the European economies. Even

Business, Finance & Investment

Investors Bet On Further Rise In US Gasoline Prices
Portfolio investors have amassed one of the largest bullish positions in U.S. gasoline futures and options since before the coronavirus pandemic, anticipating that prices will continue climbing over the next few months.
What Is Proxy Season and Should I Vote?
Proxy season is upon us, allowing investors to weigh in on corporate leadership and policies. Here, we look at proxy season and whether you should vote.


How the New York Times Foments Antisemitism
The New York Times has a well documented obsession with Gazan hunger that fuels hostility toward Israel and Jews, by falsely suggesting that the world’s only Jewish state is maliciously responsible for the greatest humanitarian crisis on the pl…
The real nature of government has become strongly anti-democratic, in the old meaning of the word
The real nature of government has become strongly anti-democratic, in the old meaning of the word. By N.S. Lyons. This gets to the heart of the struggle underlying all modern politics in the West &…
Why the trans lobby is so allergic to debate
The meltdown over the Cass Review confirms how brittle and tyrannical the trans movement has become.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
$41 Million Crypto Investment Scheme Collapses in Australia
In Australia, a massive cryptocurrency investment scheme involving approximately US$41 million and over 450 investors has collapsed.
Mizuho Securities Analyst on Bitcoin, Coinbase, and Gold
Explore Dan Dolev’s insightful analysis on CNBC as he evaluates the sustainability of Bitcoin’s value, assesses Coinbase’s market challenges, and discusses the enduring appeal of gold as a traditional investment.


Who’s Fact-Checking Whoopi Goldberg on Republicans Wanting to Bring Back Slavery?
The headline at The Daily Caller read: Whoopi Goldberg Says Republicans ‘Want To Bring Slavery Back’ Some version of that headline and Whoopi’s remark on ABC’s The View was all over the media world on Wednesday. The Daily Caller version reported this:

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