Blaming Hamas

Hamas are not children, they are anti-Semitic warmongers.

Blaming Hamas
Photo by / Unsplash
The racism of never blaming Hamas for anything
Following the rescue of four Israeli hostages, it is time the Western left gave Hamas some credit for its evil.


Incarceration Spike Reinforces Urgent Need For Reform
“Australia’s incarceration rate has spiked to its highest level since 2021 as political leaders continue to ignore the cost of poorly targeted incarceration and the need for reform,” said Mia Schlicht, Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.
Australian Border Force searched phones of 10,000 travellers in past two years, data shows
Exclusive: About one in four people stopped at border had some data copied from their devices by Australian Border Force


French voters have delivered a damning verdict on Macron | The Spectator Australia
I sensed something significant was going to unfold on Sunday as I took my morning coffee at our village café. Enjoying the June sunshine I watched as a steady stream of men and women walked past on…
NATO’s Prophetic Critics. Expanding the alliance has led to a war many experts predicted - The Centre for Independent Studies
Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, a chorus of government officials, academics, commentators, and retired bureaucrats and diplomats has dismissed …

Business, Finance & Investment

Ranked: The Countries Most Dependent on Agricultural Exports
Which countries are most heavily dependent on agricultural exports to fuel their economies? We visualize the data in this chart.
A Vacation Spending Guide: The True Cost Is More Than You Think
Wondering how much to spend on vacation while being fiscally responsible and still having a good time? In this post, I offer a vacation spending guide to help you manage your spending responsibly without compromising on fun. I came up with this guide because I’m not sure people realize the true cost of their vacations


Combatting Our Homegrown Enemy
There is a War on America. This isn’t a threat of nuclear missiles from some foreign adversary like Russia or China. It is not about the Ukraine, Gaza, or Taiwan. This war rages right here on American soil and is being fought by home-grown and…
Wokeness is the religion of low verbal intelligence for emotive midwits
Wokeness is the religion of low verbal intelligence for emotive midwits. By Revolver. Leftist tactics are pretty slick — they love to play word games. They throw around phrases like “Across s…
Wall Street Executives Flock to Donald Trump
Wall Street executives have started flocking to Donald Trump after feeling the brunt of the Biden administration’s anti-business policies.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Binance CEO Says Crypto Adoption Advancing, Industry Now in “Early Majority” Stage
The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, has eclipsed 200 million registered customers, signifying a landmark day for the industry as it moves into the early majority stage of the tech cycle.


Conservative Wins in EU to Make Biden Administration ‘Very Nervous’
Conservative parties won big in the European Parliament elections, in which millions cast their ballots across 27 countries.

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