Bitcoin Becoming Mainstream

Sandy Kaul, the digital asset leader from $1.5 trillion investment giant Franklin Templeton, discusses the potential of Bitcoin, spot ETFs, and nation-state adoption.

Bitcoin Becoming Mainstream

Sandy Kaul is the Head of Digital Asset and Industry Advisory Services at $1.5 trillion asset manager Franklin Templeton. She was recently named one of the "Crypto Gals" in Forbes 2023 50 Over 50 list. Sandy started as a wire service reporter at Commodity News Service, then quickly thereafter became a commodity markets analyst.

Prior to joining Franklin Templeton, Sandy worked at Shearson Lehman Brothers, Citi and Goldman Sachs Asset Management.


00:00 Early technology
2:26 History of Franklin Templeton
4:15 Franklin's application for spot Bitcoin ETF
6:41 Bitcoin 2024 promo
7:22 Coinkite ColdCard Wallet promo
7:50 CrowdHealth promo
8:37 First learning about Bitcoin
11:41 Bitcoin in portfolios
13:45 Spot Bitcoin ETF timeline
15:17 Technology trends
18:43 Bitcoin in the next 5-10 years
21:01 Orange Pill App promo
21:38 Bitcoin Evangelism promo
22:28 Nation states adopting Bitcoin
25:00 Demise of defined benefit plans
28:28 Bitcoin's momentum
30:27 Bitcoin's energy utilisation
32:38 Bitcoin misconceptions
34:09 Getting more women into Bitcoin space

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