Bitcoin and Strike

Access to the Bitcoin economy became that much easier with the global release of the Strike app. Now you can buy, sell and send Bitcoin in seconds for next to no cost.

Bitcoin and Strike
Photo by Kanchanara / Unsplash

I received a lot of private correspondence last week about my column on Michael Saylor.

The feedback wasn't so much about the man himself but about his commitment to Bitcoin.

While most were inquiring as to how to buy their first Satoshis (Sats -that's the increments that make up a Bitcoin), there were also a few critics of the digital gold.

I understand all of those misgivings because I once held them too.

The how and why of the change of heart were discussed across several posts on this website. You can read one of them HERE - Rethinking Bitcoin

I've also shared the trusted Australian exchange that I have exclusively used to purchase my Bitcoin investments - EasyCrypto.

They've been fast and easy to deal with, but you also have to know a bit about storing Bitcoin in wallets or in cold storage to avail of their services.

While that's the safest option (and the only one I really recommend, especially for larger amounts), there are easier opportunities for getting started.

I experimented with one of them last week and have to say I was impressed.

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