Big Business and the Left

Lobbyists from big business suck up to the left. Here's your daily news digest for 29 November 2022.

Big Business and the Left
Photo by Patrick Hendry / Unsplash
CORTES: Big Business Pays ‘Indulgences’ to the Left.
Even as manufacturing tanks into recession territory in America, lobbyists for factories clamor to suck up to Joe Biden and the D.C. establishment. Their latest efforts come in the form of a ludicrous new public relations campaign: Manufacturers for Gay Marriage. Specifically, the National Associati…


‘We will not support the Voice to Parliament’: Nationals leader David Littleproud
Nationals leader David Littleproud has announced the party won’t be supporting the Voice to Parliament, saying it won’t close the gap.
Chicken Little Propaganda Dressed Up As Science
The Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO have delivered their ­biennial dose of depression about the climate, but their report ignores a slew of positive environmental changes.
Scott Morrison to face parliamentary censure for undermining political trust
The opposition will vote against the censure, but will support the legislation to implement the Bell recommendations to ensure ministerial appointments are always made public.


Hungary’s foreign minister rejects US interference | Free West Media
Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjártó has emphatically forbidden lectures by the new US ambassador in Budapest, David Pressman, on Hungarian foreign and energy policy.
Is the Biden Administration Colluding with Russia to Allow Iran to Go Nuclear?
The mullahs are freely expanding their nuclear weapons program, now enriching uranium to nearly weapons-grade level. Iran is also seeking assistance from its ally, Russia, to bolster its nuclear program, according to the US intelligence officials. Iran
Protests Erupt across China in Defiance of Xi’s Covid-19 Lockdowns | National Review
The most recent wave of unrest was triggered after an apartment fire in the Xinjiang region killed ten people and injured nine late last week.

Business, Finance & Investment

What The #$%& Is A Shallow Recession
The lesson here is that even “shallow” recessions have real world outcomes and, in the case of 1990 and 2001, came with other problems
How Gold Royalties Outperform Gold and Mining Stocks
Gold royalty companies shield investors from inflation’s rising expenses, resulting in stronger returns than gold and gold mining companies.
Decrease in new mortgages highlights extent of NSW downturn
New mortgage volumes have fallen as New South Wales’ market downturn continues to tighten its grip on the state, according to new research.


Jordan’s King’s Son Endorses Islamic Radicals
On 18 November 2022, Jordan’s king’s son and Crown Prince, Hussein, paid a visit to the wake of Abdul Majeed Thunibat, former leader of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood. The visit was highly publicized by the state-controlled Jordan...
Trinity College Dean Backs Woke Sermon Stating Jesus Had ‘Trans Body’
The Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge, has defended a highly graphic Evensong sermon in which an academic said Jesus had a “trans body”.
Balenciaga and the rise of paedo chic
Adults need to stop dragging kids into their sexual fantasies.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
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Putin calls for blockchain-based international payment system
Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized monopoly in global financial payment systems and called for an independent and blockchain-based settlement network.
Bitcoin price consolidation has shifted traders to these 4 altcoins
Bitcoin is witnessing a battle between buyers and sellers, but DOGE, LTC, LINK and APE suggest an advantage to the bulls.


Facebook (Meta) Confirms It Has Ties To A U.S. Military Propaganda Campaign | SHTF Plan
In case you were unaware, big tech companies have been working with the United States military to control the official narratives using propaganda. One such covert operation has been confirmed by Meta, Facebook’s parent company and they were pushing pro-U.S. and anti-Russia narratives.

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