Biden's Banana Republic

The behaviour of the US President and his operatives is more akin to a Banana Republic than the land of the free.

Biden's Banana Republic
Photo by Jametlene Reskp / Unsplash

It’s not just Australia who has a problem with potential corruption.

In fact, we’re a long way behind the United States where there have been question marks over the Biden presidency from the very beginning.

His fitness for office was never questioned by the mainstream media despite the falls, campaigning from his basement and regular gaffes.

Nor did the legacy media probe too deeply into how Joe Biden managed to become very, very wealthy despite being a salaried politician for most of his adult life.

Authorities also covered up the obvious crimes of his crack-head son Hunter with national security officers declaring the evidence on his abandoned laptop was ‘Russian disinformation’.

That was regurgitated ad-nauseam through the media and partisan political channels.

It was dishonest and deceptive conduct, all designed to protect a man so he could re-assume high office and the swamp creatures  could all keep the crooked money flowing.

It was, and is, dishonest and an indictment on what the USA has become.

Now they are at it again.

In recent days it’s been exposed that the FBI has a credible confidential informant, who has been paid in excess of $200,000 by the FBI, who has detailed the payment of $5m to Joe Biden when he was as Vice President from Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings.

That’s the company that Biden’s crackhead son Hunter was on the board of for a monthly stipend of just $80,000 or so!

The money was allegedly for Biden to get Ukraine investigators to sack the investigator who was responsible for investigating corruption in Ukraine. .

Biden said as much in this interview.


The $5 million payment is detailed in documents that Republicans forced the FBI to disclose.

I’ve no doubt they are documents the FBI wanted to keep well hidden because they refused all the initial requests. It’s just another example of how corrupt that particular agency has become in the dishonest political realm of the united States.

While Australia are headed that way, the US really is now in Banana Republic territory.

And adding weight to that claim is the entirely coincidental indictment of Donald Trump on the very same day that evidence of Biden’s alleged corruption comes to light.

You can’t make this stuff up and yet, the Democrats and the Deep State expect to get away with it.

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