Biden Speaks the Truth

It was refreshing to see Joe Biden finally speak the truth on the campaign trail. Unless you are a Democrat that is.

Biden Speaks the Truth

The result of the US Presidential election is critical to the direction of the Western World. Trump is the only world leader willing and capable of breaking the establishment cartel.

That's the cartel of self-appointed elites who want to run your life so that they can profit.

These people now know the election momentum is moving to Trump.

The allegations against Biden and his cronies are now too big to ignore, even though he is being shielded by a shamelessly partisan and corrupt media.

The backlash against big tech and the sanctimonious hypocrites who run them is also gathering momentum.

One tech boss (Expensify CEO David Barrett) felt this first hand when he misused his customer data and emailed them all to encourage a vote for Biden. It was heartening to see the response with many customers publicly voting to cancel their Expensify account instead.

Then we have the continuing cognitive failures of candidate Biden himself. Today he even claimed to be putting together the biggest voter fraud organisation in history.

I don't doubt this is the most truthful thing Biden has said during this entire campaign.

This is what should concern us all about the next ten days.

As the momentum swings Trump's way, the Democrats will likely try to engineer a series of events that will impede the ability to actually vote on election day.

The Democrat controlled state organisations entrusted with electoral matters will use every means possible to stop Trump supporters from getting to the polls.

We've already seen the change in mail-in ballots and some pre-poll votes in favour of Trump being dumped in ditches and bins. We've seen polling places closed down to make the queues on election day longer and less appealing.

As they get more desperate, I suspect they'll use the coronavirus as a means of restricting access even more.

It's fair to say that this campaign has been the most corrupt in history and it will probably get worse yet.

Despite that, or perhaps because of it, turnout for this election is likely to be the highest in recent history. In recent elections, around 55% of eligible Americans choose to vote.

It could be more than 60% in 2020 as more than 50 million ballots already cast.

This is where I think the Democrat strategy will fail them.

They did everything they could to get people voting early. That's likely because they knew their candidate was frail, vulnerable and about to be mired in an unprecedented scandal.

They will assume that the early votes cast Biden's way are locked in. That maybe accurate but it is not entirely true. Several states, like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota,  allow early voters to change their mind.

They are all swing states and will be pivotal to whom eventually wins.

Every well meaning Democrat voter ( as opposed to the never Trumper's) must realise by now that their guy is unfit for office. If they've already voted, many will be reconsidering their choice.

That's why the Democrats won't want more people heading to the polls. By making it as difficult as possible they think the early ballots may get them through.

I doubt that it will but be prepared to witness some extraordinary actions that will be designed to protect their presumptive lead.

Whatever the Democrats do in the next ten days, I still think they will lose.

However if they do happen to win, the most corrupt political machine in the history of US politics will have stolen an election from the American people.

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