Biased and Racist

The Voice is a stacked deck with big government and big business backing it in. Both are wasting their stakeholders money.

Biased and Racist
Photo by Photoholgic / Unsplash

There’s more manipulation of minds in the racist and divisive voice campaign.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing into the YES campaign from the government and wealthy public corporations. 

Neither asked for permission directly from their shareholders or the struggling taxpayers. 

Both have a form of representative democracy, and therein lies more failure. 

In the case of politics, we directly elect people to champion our interests. 

Astonishingly, they are so out of touch with the public voice that they tipped in piles of your cash to ensure a one-sided debate. 

It’s just as bad in corporate Australia. 

The boards of these woke public companies handed out money that should be used for the interest of shareholders rather than championing the cause of installing racism in our constitution. 

It’s an immoral thing to do. 

Not just from a shareholder perspective but for any board to overtly support a proposal that contradicts virtually every proclamation of the race equality movement.

But we know the rules of life apply differently depending on the political leanings of the cause. 

Do you recall the riots and looting by BLM supporters were justified and excused? The destruction and torching of vehicles was declared a ‘peaceful protest’. 

Corporations got sucked into that one, too - donating more money than you could count only for it to be spent on mansions in primarily white neighbourhoods to benefit the Marxist BLM founders. 

More shareholder's money up in smoke so a few directors can feel they’ve done their bit.

How many company directors lost their jobs for that disgraceful decision? I don’t think any, although they should have. 

So here’s a novel proposal for all the bigwig directors out there. 

Do your bit with your money, not with the company’s. If you want to fund your pet losing cause, use some of those fat director fees.

Maybe we could start with the airline previously known as a national icon…now a national embarrassment - Qantas. 

The Chairman of Qantas gets around $750,000 annually, while other directors receive as much as $400,000 and other benefits like free flights.

Rather than defacing Qantas planes with partisan political messaging at shareholders' expense, these directors should be tipping in their own cash to paint a plane they have rented for the occasion.

That goes for many of them - Wesfarmers, BHP to name but a couple.

Shareholders don’t need piousness from well-paid seat warmers on corporate boards. Just as they don’t want diversity hires or quota personnel occupying those chairs. 

They want the best people, who know their job is to deliver solid and sustainable profits for those with their own money - the mum and dad shareholders.

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