Beware the Ideas of the Loopy Left

A future built on slave labor and toxic waste is the inconvenient truth about the Left's loopy energy policies.

Beware the Ideas of the Loopy Left
Photo by Chelsea / Unsplash

At some point, the ideas of the loopy left inevitably come face to face with reality.

You’d like to think that would make them see sense but it doesn’t often work that way. Instead, they claim their thought bubbles were misinterpreted and keep ploughing on with their agenda.

That’s been how the climate change debate has gone on for decades now.

I’ve never heard a climate scientist or enthusiastic climate catastrophist admit to getting it wrong.

I mean how could you be wrong when the science is ‘settled’?

Settled science brought us the 1970s Ice Age prediction. It also brought us the ‘uninhabitable planet in five years’ narrative - that’s the one you likely heard in 2006, 2013, 2017 and 2022.  

Who knew broken climate  arguments could be recycled like cardboard boxes?

They also got it wrong about the renewables boondoggle. Not only are solar and wind useless at providing reliable, despatchable base load energy; solar panels are made of toxic elements that will create a massive pollution problem at the end of their useful life.

There’s also the small matter of how some of the key elements in the shift to renewables and battery storage are obtained.

Important elements, like Cobalt for instance, around 90% of it is mined in the Congo where slave like labour, including children are exploited every day.

Prolonged exposure to Cobalt can lead to birth defects, cancer, lung disease and death.  

Yet you never hear the Greens or their renewable fairytale touts talk about this inconvenient truth.

Their vision of the future is built on the back of slave labor, mining the raw materials, in places like the Congo, or assembling toxic solar panels in the Uigher camps of China.

It’s their dirty little secret as they rail against clean coal mines and carbon free nuclear energy in Australia, not a word is uttered about the plight of the kids of the Congo.

Surprisingly, the Climatistas are also silent on how their policies disproportionately benefit the wealthy and punish the poor.

You see only the well heeled can splash out on solar panels and electric cars. Nearly twice as many people earning over 90K have solar versus those who are financially distressed. It’s pretty much the same ratio for the buyers of electric cars.

Those who need the ‘free’ electricity and transport are the ones who can’t afford it.

Of course, facts like these only force the greenies to demand more subsidies for their pet projects. They’ve had hundreds of billions in handouts over the years and power prices are more expensive than ever.

Even a numbskull green should be able to read somethings now working with data like that.

There’s been a 12 percent  jump in people struggling to pay power bills and some people owe the electricity companies thousands of dollars. And that’s just householders.

Put yourself in the position of a business.

They’ve been absorbing massive electricity price hikes and then they get emails like this one from AGL.

It basically says, that due to something that the Australian Energy Market Regulator did six months ago, we are going to charge you more.

It doesn’t matter if you have a contract or are no longer a customer, you’ll still be on the financial hook.

Quite how much that’s going to hurt Aussie businesses is still to be determined but more electricity pricing pain is clearly on the way.

It’s all because there’s a power emergency entirely created by the climate emergency that has deluded the world.

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