Banking on the Future

A step back into the business breakfast scent brought many forecasts about the future. I still think it's wise to be very cautious about rosy predictions.

Banking on the Future
Photo by Eduardo Soares / Unsplash

After three years of studiously avoiding any early morning business commitments, I went to a business breakfast yesterday.  

It was put on by my new bank and I wanted to show my appreciation to the commercial banker who did such a good job of transferring my business accounts.

The short story behind the move is that I found my previous bank had taken my multi decade patronage for granted and had been 'robbing me blind'.

That is my term for their charging me well over the odds in interest on my commercial loans.

The didn't officially rob me; just maximised me as a profit centre!

I also accept that the fault is entirely mine. Rather than trust them, I should have been much more diligent in holding them to account.

Eventually I did.

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