Bambie Thug Exposed

Ireland’s hostility to Israel is a grotesque betrayal of its own liberatory history.

Bambie Thug Exposed
Photo by Alex Sheldon / Unsplash
Bambie Thug has exposed the rottenness of the new Ireland
Ireland’s hostility to Israel is a grotesque betrayal of its own liberatory history.


Budget 2024: Labor is trying to ease Australians’ cost-of-living pain in the hope voters repay the favour | Karen Middleton
For a government trying to address a cost-of-living crisis and a looming election, the power bill rebate for all serves several purposes at once
Australia’s most powerful interest group gearing up to fight nuclear power at the next election
Australia’s most powerful interest group gearing up to fight nuclear power at the next election. By Nick Cater in The Australian. The World Wildlife Fund hasn’t said how much money it receive…
David McBride goes to prison – and Australian democracy takes a hit
It is hard to overstate the impact this case is likely to have on future whistleblowing in Australia.


The Biden Anti-American Legacy
Never before has an American president been so physically unstable that he needs an accompanying entourage wherever he walks. That shakiness is a visual metaphor of Biden’s presidency. He represents a departure from previous presidents in being…
Egypt’s Duplicity, the World’s Silence
“A one-hundred-dollar bill does wonders with an Egyptian police officer at a Sinai roadblock who intercepts a truck packed with ‘pipes.’” — Efraim Inbar and Mordechai Kedar, BESA Center, January 22, 2009. This is just another example of how, when

Business, Finance & Investment

Raising Money-Smart Kids: A Guide To Teaching Personal Finance
Understanding the fundamentals of personal finance is pivotal for kids to successfully launch into the world of adulting. Money skills are necessary to navigate effectively through everything from life’s humdrum day-to-day tasks to its elaborate complexities. Yet what surprises me is that most schools are still not required to teach financial literacy to students. Due
China fires starting gun on $140bn debt sale to boost economy
PBoC and finance ministry firms up plans for long-dated bonds to support investment


JK Rowling is no bully | The Spectator Australia
I see JK Rowling is being cruel again. Her nasty streak is off its leash. She’s bullying random people and engaging in ‘unedifying’ behaviour. What monstrous utterance has she issued this time?
Fears grow over delay of Wuhan whistleblower’s release from prison
A Chinese citizen journalist who was jailed for reporting on the outbreak of COVID-19 was due to be released on Monday, but human rights advocates have received no confirmation that she’s been freed.
Don’t Listen to the Libs: America Has up to 485 Years of Fuel Remaining, According to New Report
Our energy may be depleted by 2050. Not true, says an energy think tank that believes free markets are a key to energy prosperity.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Whale Watching: $61M Worth of BTC Gets Transferred After Decade of Inactivity
Two wallets holding 500 BTC have sprung to life after 11 years of dormancy, transferring out some US$61m worth of Bitcoin.


Report: More Than Half of Immigrants in U.S. Are Unemployed
More than half of the foreign-born immigrant population in the U.S. under Joe Biden is unemployed, according to a recent report.

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