A truly backward religion. Here's your daily news digest for 15 June 2023.

Photo by 愚木混株 cdd20 / Unsplash
The ‘Right’ to Rape and Enslave Non-Muslim Women
Last month, in France, a Muslim man told an underage girl with whom he had been chatting on Facebook, “I will burn you all. I will cut your throats. I will rape you and your mother because I have the right to do so.” The girl’s father, described as


Lidia Thorpe in the Senate accuses Liberal David Van of sexual assault, but later withdraws comments
Lidia Thorpe told the Senate the then prime minister moved Victorian Liberal David Van’s parliamentary office after she alleged he had sexually assaulted her.
Same Job, Same Pay Is A ‘Short-sighted’ Union Power Grab That Will Worsen Australia’s Already Anaemic Economic Growth Prospects
The Federal Government’s planned crackdown on labour hire arrangements through its proposed “same job, same pay” policy will further exacerbate Australia’s unprecedented worker shortage and keep Australia’s productivity growth at 60-year lows.


US Coast Guard Plans to Expand Operations in Waters Claimed by China | The Libertarian Institute
The head of the US Coast Guard said that its ships will conduct more activities in the Indo-Pacific to contest China’s territorial claims. The branch will attempt to increase its joint operations with other nations in the region as well.
Africa won’t allow West to exploit it – Zambian politician to RT
Zambian Socialist party chairwoman Akende M’membe Chundama told RT that Russia and China offer equality to Africa
California Is Losing Its Mind | National Review
The state assembly has passed a bill targeting parents who don’t ‘affirm’ a child’s gender.

Business, Finance & Investment

The Deindustrialization Of Germany Will Cripple The EU For A Long Time
Germany has two major problems, an aging workforce and deindustrialization. Both will impact the EU for a long time…
Thinking about retailers right now?
Australian consumer-facing companies have faced unprecedented challenges and undergone significant transformation since the bushfires of 2019. From the profound impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to violent mix-shifts from goods to services, and digital advancements, the sector has navigated a complex…
Is Melbourne now the best Aussie city to nab a bargain property?
A 1.6 per cent increase in Melbourne’s house prices since March 2020 doesn’t necessarily spell fantastic news for owners looking for growth. But it does mean would-be buyers could hunt down a good deal.


Don’t get too excited about deglobalisation | The Spectator Australia
One difference between the rivalry with China and the cold war is that the Soviet Union was completely economically segregated from the western world. That is not the case with China nowadays: cheap…
Biden Admin Bans Transgender He’s Photographed With After Activist’s WH Stunt Goes Viral
A trans influencer has recieved the boot from the White House after displaying his bare breasts during an LGBT event.
Education: A Once-Noble Profession
Education was once a very noble profession, in fact the best. So where did we get off base? We got off base when the National Education Association ceased to be a professional association which sought to improve education, to one…

Crypto & Blockchain

Crypto industry ‘destined’ to be BTC-focused due to regulators: Michael Saylor
Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor believes Bitcoin will reach $250,000 as regulators “don’t have any love” for other cryptocurrencies.
Australia’s Crypto Industry Body Denounces Recent Banking Restrictions
Blockchain Australia said it wants to tackle the issue “head-on by using real data,” following reports that banks in the country were blocking payments to crypto exchanges.
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‘Blacks for Trump’ Gather Outside Courthouse to Support Donald Trump
“Blacks for Trump” supporters gathered outside the Wilkie Ferguson courthouse in Miami, Florida, to support former President Donald Trump.

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