Backing the Same Old Nag

The spruikers behind the renewable energy boondoggle often have financial skin in the game, and it usually involves getting more money from the long-suffering taxpayer

Backing the Same Old Nag
Photo by Keith Luke / Unsplash

It was former Prime Minister Paul Keating who suggested you always back the horse known as self-interest.

That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to those shilling the green energy revolution.

In my experience, it's always about them, and it's always about the money - usually taxpayers' money and how much of it they can avail of.

That's not to say there aren't some genuine eco-zealots in the space, but when there's one high-profile pusher of a green solution, it's usually because they have a financial investment in it somewhere.

How else can you explain the refusal of carbon dioxide-hating planet savers and their insistence that nuclear energy is not a solution to excess CO2?

You've got the likes of Minister Chris Bowen, who claims it's uneconomic while ignoring the fact that plenty of nuclear plants are going up around the world.

He also glosses over the subsidies paid to the renewables industry to create all their 'free' power.

I doubt that any of these projects that have so damaged our power grid and our beautiful landscape would get off the ground without taxpayer subsidies.

Even the Finnish Greens Party insist nuclear power must be a part of a low carbon-dioxide future.

Bowen has proved to be an incompetent minister in all of his portfolios, and this latest one is the same. However, he dances to the tune of the union-led Industry Super funds, and they are right behind the green money machine.

Now it's mining multi-billionaire Andrew Forrest's turn.

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