Avoiding Vaccines

Vaccine manufacturers see a drop in profits as demand plummets.

Avoiding Vaccines
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 / Unsplash
More Americans Are Avoiding COVID Vaccines - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Americans have become increasingly wary of COVID-19 boosters, despite recommendations from federal health authorities.


Voice Loss Heralds Labor’s Third Great Split
The short-term and medium-term political repercussions for Anthony Albanese of the defeat of the referendum are hugely significant. There are no parallels between Anthony Albanese’s Voice referendum loss in 2023 and Bob Hawke’s referendum losses in 1984 and 1988. For one thing, Hawke understood Aust…
Indigenous Queenslanders in ‘double mourning’ as state’s pathway to treaty loses bipartisan support
Liberal National party withdraws support for treaty days after Queensland overwhelmingly votes to reject voice to parliament


Iraqi Militias Launch Strikes on Bases with US Troops | The Libertarian Institute
Update: US Central Command confirmed that three drones were fired at US soldiers over 24 hours. Two drones were successfully intercepted while one crashed and caused “minor injuries” to coalition forces. Two Iraqi Shia militias used drones to target bases in Iraq where American soldiers are deployed…
Russia-North Korea relations have reached ‘strategic level’ – Lavrov
The partnership between Russia and North Korea has reached “a completely new, strategic level,” according to Russian FM Sergey Lavrov
Democracy Thrives In Poland
Despite repeated claims from several opposition politicians suggesting the end of democracy in Poland, recent parliamentary elections have proven that democracy is alive and well in the country…

Business, Finance & Investment

Gold Market Update - is this THE START OF THE BIG MOVE?
Expect gold to break out to the upside and ascend to unimaginable heights as it requires a wheelbarrow full of fiat paper to buy a loaf of bread.
Wall Street Concerns Over Swelling US Debt Put Fed in Tight Spot
(Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve faces potential policy pitfalls ahead as it wrestles with how to respond to investor angst about the US government’s $33.5 trillion mountain of debt.Most Read from BloombergBiden Vows Aid for Gaza, Backs Israel Over Hospital BlastHospital Blast Kills Hundreds as Is…


Jewish anti-Zionist group that overran U.S. House building linked to BDS movement, liberal funders
A self-proclaimed anti-Zionist organization staged a protest calling for ceasefire, previously called for Israel to give up its land.
Inside Black Lives Matter’s Long History With Hamas-Friendly Activists
Black Lives Matter chapters across the country made waves last week when they praised Hamas’s attack on Israel. It’s merely the latest instance of the progressive group making common cause with the terrorist group.
Inside Britain’s new trans clinics
They said they were closing the Tavistock’s gender services — but what happened next?

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Trader Says There’s No Support for Altcoin That’s Exploded Over 285% in a Month, Predicts More Pain Looming
A crypto trader is issuing a warning on a low-cap altcoin that has enjoyed triple-digit price appreciation in a month. Pseudonymous crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa tells his 196,900 followers on the X social media platform that the decentralized applications (DApps) platform Loom Network (LOOM) is “on…


Conservative Influencer Sentenced to 7 Months in Prison After Sharing Clinton Meme
A social media poster who told Hillary Clinton supporters they could vote online during the 2016 election will serve seven months in prison.

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