Attack of the Karens

The danger of manufactured tales designed to create victim status is evident in almost all walks of life. Here's a recent experience that had the potential to be a lot worse.

Attack of the Karens

I had a fascinating but slightly unnerving experience last Friday morning.

It involved an unhinged 'Karen' and a startling verbal and physical assault.

The matter began when the woman reversed her vehicle into a van as she was exiting a parking space. I was standing next to my car in the adjacent space.

She then got out of the car and began screaming; "Help! Help!" while claiming to be the victim of assault.

She even called the police and screamed at the operator claiming her life was in danger and she was being beaten up - by me!

At this point, I hadn't even spoken to her and was actually leaning against my car watching her go wild.

That's when I decided to get my phone out and video the rather odd behaviour. It was a move intended as a means of protection from her crazed rant but that's when things took a turn for the worse.

The crazed woman then physically attacked me (all captured on video), while continuing to scream about being assaulted herself. She'd then stop for a few seconds before relaunching another crazed attack.

Eventually, she called some bloke, told him that she'd been attacked and then walked off.

It was a slightly surreal experience, and fortunately for me, several witnesses saw it all happen.

The police did attend, and, catching up with the woman, she eventually admitted she'd attacked me for no reason and her claim of being the victim was entirely manufactured.

A police report has been lodged but I haven't decided whether to press charges or not.

However, the episode has prompted a number of conversations with friends and I am surprised how many have recounted a similar experience. Everyone seems to have a tale of women making up outrageous allegations against them or others, which are subsequently found to have no substance.

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