Are You Prepared?

When you examine the rhetoric and policy proposals put forward by the West, and filter them through well-justified cynicism, it suggests something really big is on the way.

Are You Prepared?
Photo by Frederick Shaw / Unsplash

A couple of weeks ago, a long-time Confidential Daily Premium Member commented on how negative the state of the world is portrayed in my daily musings.

He's right, but that's because I generally comment on the decisions of government and how they are impacting us in a general sense.

Most of their public policy positions are ridiculous and often undermine the stated policy objectives.

For example, if the government wants to create a prosperous economy, they'd show more support for small businesses. Sometimes, that would involve doing less to impact them. Instead, they continue to layer regulations and other bureaucratic tape upon those who can least deal with it.

That way, they force small businesses to close or fail while encouraging big business.

It's a similar thing to the Ukraine war.

If China wanted to park some nuclear missiles pointed our way in Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands, I don't think we'd be too impressed.

And can you imagine the response if Russia parked some of their nukes on the Mexican border of the United States?

It would be a matter of hours before the US launched an invasion.

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