Are Labor Losing the Voice?

When government ministers have to read Tweeted talking points about their own policies, it suggests they haven't got a clue what they're doing.

Are Labor Losing the Voice?

You know a government policy is garbage when even the advocates for it can't mount a convincing argument.

It's even worse when those responsible appear to know very little about what they are proposing.

That's what is becoming increasingly obvious from the farcical proposal for an Aboriginal 'Voice to Parliament' (the Voice) by the Albanese government.

For months they have promised the detail will be provided after a referendum to change the constitution has been held later this year.

This effectively leaves Aussies in the dark on what they will actually be voting for.

One could put this down to deception or incompetence.

Given recent events, I am backing the latter.

If you are in any doubt, here's the Attorney General making the case for the Voice on television recently.


Note how confident our chief law-maker and legal silk is with the detail of this vote to change our founding document.

Such is his knowledge and conviction that he manages to glance at his talking points more than a dozen times in the space of a minute.

Incredibly, his arguments supporting the Voice seem to mirror a tweet sent by the Aboriginal Affairs minister the night before.

He could even be basing his complete knowledge of the proposal on his colleagues social media feed!

Sure, Linda Burney MP may have simply regurgitated government talking points on Twitter but that doesn't excuse the AG for his obvious lack of comprehension.

If those responsible for introducing nation changing legislation aren't across the detail, you have to ask 'why are they doing it'?

It's increasingly apparent the Labor government haven't thought past the woke headlines of the Voice and truly considered how it will actually impact our parliamentary decision making process.

Although they maintain it won't have a binding role on the parliament, Albanese himself has suggested it would be a very courageous government that chose to ignore the Voice.

That's code for what the Voice demands, the Voice will get.

My bet is that the demands from any Voice to the Parliament will be all about more money being tipped into the unaccountable black hole of Aboriginal political policy.

The cash will then end up where it usually does; in the hands of a chosen few.

Setting aside the fact that this proposed two tiered parliament is racist, many of the claims made by the government are easily dismissed.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt recently pointed out that the Voice won't even be democratic or truly representative.

He said that the ACT will have one Voice rep for around 4000 Aboriginal constituents while NSW will have one vote for every 91,000 or so.

He also made the point that on pure statistical basis, those claiming to be Aboriginal in the parliament are in greater proportion than the number within the general population.

When you add the elected parliamentary patsies who never question the waste and terrible outcomes associated with Indigenous policy, there is a good case that the existing Voice is actually too strong already!

We need more people to challenge what isn't working rather than rubber stamp the decisions of a select few keen on feathering their own nest.

The Voice will foster and perpetuate existing policy failure while fuelling inequity.

It will cost us more and will divide our nation along racial lines. That's what Labor are really afraid to admit and it's why they wont provide the detail until it is too late.

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