Are Ghosts Real?

Strange movements caught on a home security camera sparked the curiosity of one Confidential community member. Watch the footage and decide for yourself

Are Ghosts Real?
Photo by Gabriel Castles / Unsplash

Given the recent Confidential community discussion about ghosts, one member sent through these videos showing some strange imagery caught on a home security cam.

Here's the backstory.

These 3 videos were taken off my mate's security camera in his townhouse.

He was coincidentally minding all the belongings and ashes of a friend who had just passed away unexpectedly.

The camera should only react to movement, not light. There is definitely no one in the house, and the entryway hallway is visible at the bottom.

I even slowed it down, and the Orb/ light actually expands and contracts vertically several times as it went in and out of the wall.

If you turn the sound right up, there is also a woman or child’s voice that “some people” can hear in one of the videos along with clumping footsteps accompanying the light.

It’s pretty freaky. He was only 5 minutes away having dinner and he rushed home thinking he was being robbed, but there was no one inside and there was no forced entry.

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