Architects of Our Own Demise

Western leaders are taking down a path of nihilism, leaving us behind as the world order realigns.

Architects of Our Own Demise
Photo by Denny Müller / Unsplash

I hate saying ‘we told you so’ but the impending rise in electricity costs was so predictable.

You simply cannot take the pivotal base load energy generation systems offline and expect there will be no consequences.

Immediately, we’ll all be thinking of the hit to our hip pockets. Times are already tight and household budgets are strained. This could push some families over the financial edge.

But don’t fret, the government is ‘compensating’ people for their lousy power policies with borrowed money. That’s like putting a bandaid on a broken arm.

But there are broader ramifications because the electricity hit is going to smash businesses too.

In South Australia, business is expecting a 30% rise in business electricity costs. Those businesses that can pass it on will do so. Those that can’t may have to close their doors.

Either way, it means higher prices for you and a likely loss of jobs too.

Just as well we’re bringing in another million migrant workers these next few years isn’t it.

This is going to impact every single part of the economy. Think about it.

I stayed in a hotel this past week. The AC was on almost all day every day. They’re going to have to get that expense back somehow so they’ll jack prices up.

Every factory, office and retail outlet will be in the same mire. Cold store facilities will be smashed, so will food processors and supermarkets.

How about those electrified train and light rail networks. There are some extra transport costs coming your way.

At this rate, maybe you should think about trading in your Tesla for a V8 to save some money.

There is no escape because we are a society that is entirely dependent on electricity.

The government knows this. Remember they promised to cut your costs by $275. Instead they are ratcheting it up, while claiming it would have been worse without their policies.

If you accept that reasoning then you are part of the problem too. That so many people accept the spin and misinformation of government is how we are in the societal mess we are right now.

The elites have been trying to re-engineer civil society to create some imagined utopia.  

Utopia really means unachievable. It’s defined as:

“an ideal commonwealth whose inhabitants exist under seemingly perfect conditions. Hence utopian and utopianism are words used to denote visionary reform that tends to be impossibly idealistic.”

The key there are the words impossibly idealistic.

That’s what our leaders have in mind, an impossibly idealistic vision of the future where they can rule over us, while creating a society that essentially surrenders human spirit, creativity and nature to a zombified version of humanity.

Officially the plan is known as the great reset and includes 15 minute cities, eating insects for protein, limiting travel and owning nothing - all with the promise you’ll be happy.

It’s absolute bunkum but the process is well underway.

Take for example the moves in France this week.

The French government has banned short-haul flights of less than 2.5 hours where the journey could be undertaken by train. It’s all part of saving the planet from plane emissions, although there is no calculation of how this move will impact the temperature.

It’s also not known how it will impact the legions of elites who take their private jets to places like Davos to talk about climate change. We’ll watch that with interest.

Whether this is reasonable or not will depend on your perspective. However, it’s the principle that is important.

The next move will be to extend the ban to flights of less than three hours or four or five. That won’t be enough, it will never be enough for the zealots.

Eventually they’ll want restrictions on flying across the board - all in the name of climate change.

It’s part of the plan to keep us corralled like cattle in our own little wedge of the world.

That’s the 15 minute cities I mentioned earlier.

But don’t worry, we’ll be allowed to numb our minds with decriminalised drugs and thank our elites for the weekly allowance of the central bank digital currency.

Just like the failed electricity promises, this is all so predictable.

In essence, the West is busy hastening  its own demise.

While we prance about with rainbows and pronouns, while chasing the mirage of net zero,  our competitors are laughing at us.

Carbon Dioxide emissions in China soared to record levels in the first quarter of this year with a 4.0% year-over-year increase relative to the same period in 2022, exceeding the previous peak in the first three months of 2021.

While we are shutting down coal plants, China last year approved the equivalent of two new ones every week.

This makes a mockery of our own continuing efforts of economic strangulation!

China’s President Xi knows how foolish we are. He said as much in an important, but largely ignored, speech this week where he detailed a new cooperation with Russia and other ‘like minded countries’

Here’s some of it.


Can’t make it plainer than that.

The Chinese are prepared to cooperate with likeminded people, ie Russia,  to share opportunities, overcome difficulties, open new horizons and progress of civilisation in the emerging multipolar world.

That’s a direct rebuke of the unipolar world that the disintegrating United States likes to dominate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of the wests demise some time ago, suggesting that a global change was on the way. He outlined what some of those common aims are but also talked about some of the errors of the west.

Have a look.


The entire speech is 7 minutes long but it makes for fascinating watching. Putin calls out the destructive social movements that our own leaders bow down to.

Some might dismiss it as propaganda but to me, there’s more truth in that 7 minutes than in a year of their ABC.

I strongly suggest you watch it in its entirety.

The global realignment is taking shape and thanks to the paucity of leadership in the West, we are the ones being left behind.

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