Apartheid 2021

Freedoms and services now depend on your skin colour, how you identify, your politics and your opinion. Welcome to Apartheid 2021

Apartheid 2021

Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning segregation. It became synonymous with the institutionalised race policies of the South African government from 1948 until the 1990’s.

South Africa now has a different political system, one that is just as racist, but where the victims are now mostly white.

It’s absolutely wrong but receives little comment because it doesn’t suit the oppression narrative that the self-declared compassionate people like to talk about.

You see, compassion is a one way street in lefty land.

At least I hope we can all agree that institutionalised segregation is wrong. People should be judged on their behaviour not by the colour of their skin.

Even the political left used to tell everyone they believed in that. Unfortunately they were lying. The events of 2020 prove it.

Lefty after lefty proclaimed the BLM protests as peaceful, necessary and virtuous. Rich sporting idiots took a knee in support of lawless looters laying waste to American cities, some of whom were openly trying to kill police.

Clueless politicians, including the incoming Vice President supported their actions, even raising money to have some of the criminals released from prison.

In their eyes, the riots damaged their political opponent and that’s why they determined that Black Looters Matter and deserved a free pass.

These same hypocrites are now (rightfully) condemning the assorted losers who raided Capitol Hill. They do so, not from conviction, but because it damages their political opponents and because most of the people involved were white.

One who isn’t white, is this man – John Sullivan. He’s actually an organiser for BLM and the founder of Insurgence USA.

It makes one wonder why Sullivan was part of a pro-Trump rally and, I must confess,  his attendance raises questions as to whether he was there alone .

His own tweets (under a pseudonym of course because that’s what most twitter cowards do ) suggest that he knew there were busloads of BLM supporters on their way….and I can only presume, they weren’t intending to cheer on President Trump.  

Sullivan tweets under @thejaydenxander

Despite being at the epicentre of the riots, being clearly identifiable and with a history of incitement to violence, Sullivan has apparently not been charged. Nor has he been showcased on mainstream media like other prominent capitol hill invaders.

A history of violence

Perhaps his presence and involvement didn’t quite fit the narrative that so many politicians and Pravda-like media outlets are seeking to push.

It may also explain why Sullivan is still allowed on social media to promulgate his repugnant and racist ideas while the process to cancel millions of mainstream conservative voices continues unabated.

You may also be asking why his many websites are still up while Amazon, Apple and Google are cancelling services to conservative commentators and platforms.

This is but a glimpse of the brave new world you can expect more of.

Last week I told you how the IMF and FinTech will be using your internet browsing habits to determine whether you are a fit and proper person for a loan.  That’s right, your income and expenditure are becoming less important to your financial capacity than your search history.

We’ve already seen how the law is applied now depends on your skin colour and perceived virtue, and there are many examples of people who have lost their job for not being publicly woke enough.

Now technology providers are openly determining your access to some business services based on your political disposition.

In effect, we are all now being assessed for a social credit score, which is what the Communist Chinese government inflicts on their citizens.

If you don’t comply, you can expect to be cancelled.

Welcome to Apartheid 2021.

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