Many have presented a view of the war that is distorted in Hamas' favour.

Photo by Taylor Brandon / Unsplash
Many Culprits Behind Rise of Antisemitism, Including the Media
On the face of it, who can object to diversity, equity and inclusion? It is like objecting to Santa Claus. Unfortunately, these [DEI] workshops too often have been hijacked by radical ideologues who pitted races against each other. Who indeed is to blame


Australia’s e-Safety Karen | The Spectator Australia
If you were to believe Anthony Albanese, Elon Musk is the greatest threat to Australian democracy since Lucifer fell from heaven. The Prime Minister, with his free speech adverse e-Safety Commissioner…
Back to the future: Labor revives failed policies of the past - The Centre for Independent Studies
The federal government’s planned Future Made in Australia Act is just the latest example of its desire to revive failed …


Must Watch: Argentina’s President Promotes US Founding Principles, Highlights Way to Prosperity
“Politicians want to spend a lot because they are the main beneficiaries of that spending. That is over with us.”
UK to Send Record $620 Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine | The Libertarian Institute
The UK announced its largest-ever military aid package for Ukraine, totaling $620 million - 500 pounds. Washington is Kiev’s most prominent backer; however, as a massive $61 billion Ukraine aid bill continues to work its way through Congress, some NATO countries have scrapped together aid packages to attempt to keep…

Business, Finance & Investment

iPhone sales nosedive in China
The overall attractiveness of Apple smartphones in China has reportedly been declining due to competition from local brands
Gold Falls Again After Biggest Daily Slump in Almost Two Years
Gold pared losses after weaker-than-expected US business activity data helped underpin the case for Federal Reserve rate cuts this year.


As pro-Hamas camps pop up at universities nationwide, UMich activists hand out ‘Death to America’ pamphlets
Anti-Israel students at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor are protesting their school’s connections to Israel by setting up a camp on campus following similar protests at Columbia and elsewhere.
Bird flu virus found in US retail milk
Particles of bird flu have been found in samples of pasteurized milk in the US, prompting concerns about spread of the virus
Meritocracy and the Great Power Competition
A new book examines weaknesses in China’s meritocratic system—and in our own.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Aussie Analyst Miles Deutscher on How to Navigate Choppy Post-Halving Markets
Miles Deutscher highlights Bitcoin’s resilience, likening the $60K support level to its past pivotal $20K, forecasting bullish trends amid macro influences.


Vaccines Have Destroyed Society, Unleashing a Wave of Irreparable Damage To Public Health | SHTF Plan
We rarely hear about it due to the system-wide embargo on truthful information about the damage they cause, but vaccines have destroyed the world.

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