Another Billion Dollar Failure

If history is any guide, the latest government-subsidised 'made in Australia' scheme will enrich a relative few and cost the rest of us plenty.

Another Billion Dollar Failure
Photo by Michael / Unsplash

I need help to think of a single political announcement or policy that has achieved its stated aims.

When you add the additional criteria of being within budget, I think it's an impossible search.

(Please enlighten me in the comments if you know of one).

The reason for my search through the mental archives was the Government's announcement of a multi-billion dollar 'made in Australia' scheme.

It kicks off with a billion bucks for solar panels made in Australia.

All that means is the poor taxpayer will be helping to pay for others to put solar panels on.

When I had a family home with exorbitant electricity bills, I installed solar panels. It cost a lot, principally because I chose a 'made in Australia' system.

It was a good product, but I sense it was assembled in Australia from domestic and imported components.

I mention that to nail my patriotic colours to the mast. Of course I want to see things made here, and I want us to be as self-sufficient as possible.

But the problem with our manufacturing capacity isn't a lack of investment.

The problem is the government; every government, going back decades.

All of them have contributed to Australia's structural decline.

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