Andrews Leaves a Winner

The resignation of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews exposes the failings of politics and the media. Their failings mean he leaves a winner and the rest of us as losers.

Andrews Leaves a Winner

While many politically right-of-centre Australians would be cheering the resignation of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, the bloke leaves as a winner.

He won three elections and ran Victoria with an iron fist while misusing buckets of taxpayers money.

His government was mired in corruption scandals and linked to the largest number of COVID deaths in Australia. He ran Victoria into record debt while imposing new and outrageous taxes targeting his non-supporters.

On top of that, Andrews pursued a radical social agenda on euthanasia, abortion and drug use.

It's incredible to think he was largely untouched by Victoria's Liberal opposition despite the target-rich environment.

That's why he is a winner.

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