Gas, US Dollar & Yields Soar as Fed-Fears Trump WW3 Worries


Mixed data overnight out of China (GDP beat, Retail sales & Industrial production miss) was matched by an equally divergent overnight of macro in the US with ugly housing data but strong industrial production, but once again the markets were ping-ponged by Fed fears (rate-cuts-off - Fed Vice-Chair Jefferson and Powell both sang from the same 'higher for longer' hymnsheet with the latter finally admitting that "recent [inflation] data have clearly not given us greater confidence and instead indicate that is likely to take longer than expected to achieve that confidence") and MidEast tensions (WW3-on, but not yet - Israeli war cabinet plan is 'keep Iran guessing').

All of which pushed rate-cut expectations lower in the US...

Source: Bloomberg

In fact, the majority of investors now see 2 rate-cuts this year...

And the odds of a possible 1st June rate- cut have tumbled to just 15% which IMO won't happen.

The US 2Y yield is also back over 5% while the US 10Y is now around 4.66%

Stocks were volatile today amid the surge in yields and Powell's comments, with Small Caps lagging in the red along with a small loss for the S&P and Nasdaq unch. The last minute saw a big sell program hit to ruin most people's day...

The only real notable mover overnight was the US Dollar - trading to fresh highs since NOV2023 and the chart has formed a Golden Cross which is a bullish indicator suggesting the USD could move higher which means the AUD could fall below 64 US cents

Source: Bloomberg

Oil and Bitcoin ended essentially unchanged while Gold managed small gains to reach a new record high price of US$2,448.80 (it has since fallen back to just under US$2,400

Lastly, now wonder the chances of a US rate cut have taken a dive - check out US Gasoline (petrol) prices.

Source: Bloomberg

Nuff said...

Take it easy

Happy Wednesday!

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