An Own Goal

The opposition leader's announcement about a second referendum exemplifies the Canberra bubble group-think in action.

An Own Goal
Photo by Your Lifestyle Business / Unsplash

Sometimes, I just don't understand politics and politicians.

What makes a usually sensible person take a severe political risk with next to no obvious upside?

It could be a momentary lapse in judgment or a misplaced word. That spontaneous error is explainable, but the pre-considered formal announcement mistake bemuses and frustrates me.

I'm guessing it frustrates all political supporters when their team commits an unforced error. They are often obviously avoidable, albeit not to the political insiders making these decisions.

That must be what happened to Peter Dutton with his 'I'll have a referendum too' policy announcement.

I thought it was ridiculous and damaged some key No campaign pressure points.

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