An Insatiable Monster

The e-Safety commissioner has failed in her quest for global censorship rights. That's a win for freedom but it may be short-lived.

An Insatiable Monster

Earlier this week, the Federal Court shut down Australia's e-Safety Commissioner's bid to have global censorship powers over X (formerly Twitter).

The highly paid digital Karen sought to stop X from showing a video of the Orthodox bishop being attacked by a devotee of the religion of peace.

I've no doubt the censorship attempt was to prevent people from understanding that quite a few of Muhammad's followers in our midst are extremists and have been radicalised by a bunch of crazy Imams.

To state that fact is to be labelled Islamophobic in today's world.

But there's nothing irrational to be fearful of the cultural and societal changes that emerge when a radical Muslim cohort flexes their muscle in a Western nation.

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