An Important Election Lesson

There are so many lessons we can learn from the 2020 US Presidential elections. Here's one you cannot afford to forget.

An Important Election Lesson

While the US election is still up for grabs, there is one indisputable conclusion as a result of the US election.

You can no longer rely on what you are told by the mainstream media.

Not only do they tell outright lies, often constructed around ‘anonymous sources’, they dismiss the truth, refuse to cover important news and denigrate those that disagree with them.

If you think things aren’t that bad, I am afraid you haven’t really being paying attention.

For four years, the US media and many establishment outlets around the world have waged a PR war against Donald Trump.

It was primarily targeted at allegations of election collusion with Russia.

They all knew what the US intelligent services also knew…these allegations were entirely manufactured by Hillary Clinton as a distraction from her illegal email activities while Secretary of State.

That knowledge didn’t stop her repeating the bogus claims.

Hillary Clinton says potential collusion between Trump camp and Russia should be probed
“I am deeply concerned about what went on with Russia,” Clinton said at the Women in the World conference.

Even her boss, Barry Obama got in on the act

Obama says he warned Russia to ‘cut it out’ over election hacking
The US president held his final press conference of 2016, criticizing the media for its coverage of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and discussing Russia and Syria

The Democrats and media hounded Trump through an impeachment process, despite knowing, what we know now.

Clinton made it up and Obama was briefed on her plan.

Obama ‘was personally briefed on Hillary’s “plan” to tie Trump to Russia’
BARACK Obama was allegedly personally briefed on Hillary Clinton’s “plan” to tie Donald Trump to Russia as a distraction from her email scandal. Documents that were declassified o…

Incredibly, the US media mostly refused to make much of this.

So too, they turned a blind eye to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that linked his father to a massive cash for access scheme involving some of America’s enemies. They ignored it and then claimed it was Russian disinformation

They didn’t make much of Biden’s video confession that he threatened withholding $1 billion of Aid to the Ukraine unless they sacked a prosecuter investigating a Biden linked firm for corruption.

Joe Biden: “If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money”
Two years ago today, Joe Biden shares how, as Vice President, he threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless a prosecutor was fired. #TBT

The media cover-ups for Biden and the bogus claims against Trump have all been about influencing the election result.

It didn’t work. The Trumpsters came out in force.

So too did the Democratic Dead and their Dodgy ballot harvesters. The Party apparatchiks resurrected, bought, bullied and bribed their way into controlling hundreds of thousands of votes.

The media deny this even though there are video and audio recordings of the operatives boasting about their deeds.

The clear breaches of electoral law, from vote chain of custody, blocked electoral scrutineers, failed identification requirements have been at first ignored, then denied and now the media claim they are episodic rather than systemic.

I guess eventually they’ll make a similar claim about their own bias.

The US election result will play out in the coming weeks and will be what it will be. Legal process needs to be followed

However, the shameful conduct of the mainstream media has smashed their credibility and authority. I think it is beyond repair.

Put simply, the pious mainstream media and their pundits are not worthy of your trust, because you cannot rely what they tell you.

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