Always Was, Always Will Be

It's not hard to identify the underlying rationale for a string of racist policies to be imposed on us all. Always was, always will be about the money.

Always Was, Always Will Be

There were disgusting scenes in Sydney last night as when an elected senator appeared to assault police during the Mardi Gras.

The attention seeking former bankrupt, now highly paid senator for black people, who has declared war on Australia, wasn’t protesting the Mardi Gras. She was actually part of the ‘no pride in genocide’ float.

Having been told for months this was a pride event, I am not sure why she and her ilk are celebrating no pride but there's lot's more its impossible to understand.

Who knows what was going through the mind of Thorpe but she put out this tweet earlier to help clarify her involvement.

Is she suggesting that she’s actually a trans woman?

That’s what it seems like to me but I cannot confirm that. Nor will I attempt to.

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