All Fired Up

Despite their history of shoddy predictions the purveyors of fear porn have doubled down on climate catastrophe.

All Fired Up

The headline alone was enough to get you trembling in your boots.


Of course, that was what it was designed to do. It's more fear porn by the globalists who know that Corona fatigue is setting in.

Hence, an old panic needs to be refreshed. And that's precisely what the internationalists did this week.

The trigger was yet another report on the parlous state of the climate by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

That's the same body that has such a chequered history of crooked cronyism, deception, lies and cooking the climate books to make it appear the planet is cooked too.

Despite a litany of flawed predictions, they haven't given up on their quest to de-industrialise the world to save the polar bears.

Only this time, they've dialled up the temperature of their latest report.

In their defence, at least they now concede they haven't got a clue about the natural variability of climate, but that doesn't stop them from claiming to know exactly where it will end up and when.

The stick in the predictive craw is that few (if any) countries signed up to the Paris Agreement are meeting their targets. Not that it would make any noticeable difference if they did. The climate will continue to change like it has for eons.

That's why the IPCC report is extensive on 'long term' and 'estimates' and 'cooling factors'. They are all weasel words to help justify how they have been so wrong for so long and cover their claims of the future.

But try telling that to the net zero politicians and the eco-apocalypse freaks.

According to one climate crusader, they (whomever they are) want to 'cook our kids'.

Actually, not 'our' kids because this whinging Karen of the Climate doesn't have any.

Instead, she thinks the roadmap to a better future is vandalising Parliament House, setting fire to a pram and using an oil-based adhesive to glue her hands to the ground.

The rest of us aren't allowed to have a wood-fired BBQ, but these zealots think they can burn the goods they have no use for in our public square.

That's the regular standard of hypocrisy from the climate clowns.

Personally, I would have left her there while cleaning the climate protest graffiti. A night in the Canberra cold would focus the mind on the actual climate threat to humanity - global cooling!

You see, the threat of an ice age is very real.

A little-known process known as the Beaufort Gyre has been regulating climate and sea ice for millennia. It sends fresh water and ice in a carousel around the Arctic Ocean. It periodically reverses direction, channelling the icy water into the North Atlantic to freeze.

The current Gyre is the largest in a long while.

When it reverses, the scientists suggest a prolonged cooling impact will occur.

This is not a theory. It has happened before (the 1960s & 70s) when the Washington Post (and others) reported a coming ice age.

Colder Winters Held Dawn of New Ice Age

Get a good grip on your long johns, cold weather haters--the worst may be yet to come. That's the long-long-range weather forecast being given out by "climatologists." the people who study very long-term world weather trends.
- The Washington Post Jan 11, 1970

When questioned about the impact of the Gyre on the climate, one expert from NASA said:

"...the fact is we just don’t know. There just isn’t enough Arctic data out there to make firm predictions in a world where climate change, ocean currents, and atmospheric forces interact in complex ways.”

Finally, a climate scientist brave enough to tell the truth about how the elements of the earth impact each other and the climate.

It's cool to hear that they haven't really got a clue, but I wonder if this admission will get the sensible people all fired up!

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