Alice is Breaking

The trouble in Alice Springs isn't new. It's been happening there and in other remote communities for decades. We simply cannot let it continue.

Alice is Breaking
Photo by Nico Smit / Unsplash

Another year, another confected battle over Australia Day by a bunch of self-hating whiners.

It always staggers me that the very people who have had the most benefit from settlement and civilisation of this continent are the ones to complain about it.  

We see some well paid politicians leading the charge, all  while they take the taxpayer salary and use it to undermine and divide the nation.

There are also the professional 'rent a crowd' activists who are also funded through a variety of taxpayer funds.

I have no doubt some are directly on the welfare drip while others are likely paid through various NGOs which receive their money from government.

Then there are the others.

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