Actors Not Allowed to Act

The push to prevent actors from acting outside of their 'identity' is a step toward stupidity. Unfortunately it seems to be contagious.

Actors Not Allowed to Act
Photo by Wesley Pribadi / Unsplash

In a world of pressing problems, the woke mob find trivialities to get all irate about.

In America, the lawless mob are protesting against the Supreme Court's decision to say abortion is not a constitutional right. The Justices have quite correctly said it is a matter for the States which has made them targets for an unhinged lynch mob.

Then there's this.

The self-entitled fatties are getting upset because thin actors are wearing fat suits to play overweight characters.

Oh the horror! An actor pretending to be something they are not.

But people are actually taking this rubbish seriously.

One journalist wrote:

"As a bigger woman, I find this characterisation of my body type utterly dehumanising, and degrading."

Talk about a first world problem.

The real problem is that it seems that this craziness seems to be contagious.

Tom Hanks, won awards for playing the role of an HIV positive character in Philadelphia but said he wouldn't portray a homosexual man on-screen today.

Hugh Sheridan was abused for playing a transgender character while Scarlett Johansson was canceled for playing the role of a Japanese in the series Ghost in a Shell.

We know the movie business is filled with vacuous virtue signallers but this is the theatre of the absurd.

To extend this garbage to its natural end, every actor would need to declare every aspect of their identity in order to accept a role.

A light skinned Aboriginal actor would be limited to playing indigenous characters. Movies like Mrs Doubtfire would never have been made because it involved a man pretending to be a woman.

Most alarmingly for the acting cohort, a gay actor would be prohibited from playing a straight role.

That would eliminate so many contenders that the industry would probably close!

How is it that wokeness now means an actor cannot fully pursue their craft and what does it mean for the rest of us?

Are we all to be pigeonholed and unable to achieve our full potential on account of our biology or ethnicity?

In fact that's already happening in some workplaces. Jobs are reserved for 'minorities' because firms want to show how diverse they are.

Just like in acting, it can mean the best person is not chosen for the role. In another time that would be called racist or sexist or whatever 'phobe' or 'ism' is doing the rounds that month.

Of course we can all choose to ignore this nonsense but unfortunately it won't ignore us, or our children and grandchildren.

For them to have the opportunities we have enjoyed, we need to lead the charge back to common sense and reason.

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